Envision offers a wide array of workshops and programs in the areas of Social Justice, Leadership and Diversity. The following are workshops that we have designed to address some of these issues (Please click on the title below to read the full workshop description):

Class, Power and Privilege: Deconstructing Systems of Dominance

Training of the Trainers: Tips and Strategies for Facilitating Challenging Dialogues around Social Justice

Creating a Diversity Action Plan

Creating Change: Becoming a Social Justice Change Agent

What's the Value of Diversity?

Campus Collaborations and Coalitions: A Workshop for Student Leaders

LGBTQ Safe Zone Training

We always strive to tailor our programs to meet your unique needs. Some additional topics that we can design programs for include:
Cross-Cultural Communication
Transgender 101
Combating Homophobia and Heterosexism
Cultural Leadership
Team Building
Organizational Change
Group Dynamics
Decision Making

Invite us to be a part of your RA Training, Social Justice/Diversity Weekend, Retreats, Multi-Cultural Awareness Programs, Leadership Development Programs, and Professional Staff Training & Development.

Our workshops are suitable for students, paraprofessionals, and professionals at all levels of experience. We are available for non-profit organizations, educational institutions, and corporate entities.